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Various Accounts

The following is a list of my various accounts in various places. This is so people can recognize me on other sites. I try to keep my username as JPLC in most places, but sometimes that doesn't work out. In the cases where my username isn't JPLC, I'll put the username in brackets beside the link.

Social Networks
     LinkedIn (Joseph Cassano)

Flash Game Portals
     Newgrounds (The-Unknown-One)

Open Source Code
     GitHub (MultiversalNomad)
     Gist (MultiversalNomad)

     YouTube (MultiversalNomad)

Visual Art
     deviantART (Temporal-Nomad)

     Flickr (The Unknown One)

     Gamasutra (Joseph Cassano)

Gaming Services (Console)
     PlayStation Network (MultiversalNomad)
     Xbox LIVE

Gaming Services (PC)


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